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Alastair McDonald

Alastair McDonald is firmly established as Scotland's leading musical minstrel. Alastair`s programme is selected from a vast repertoire of traditional, contemporary & original material.

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Peter Morrison

Peter Morrison is one of Scotland's most popular & accomplished singers.

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George Hamilton IV “A Rose & a Baby Ruth” - “Abilene” - “Canadian Pacific” etc.

To attempt to write a complete biography & discography for Country music star, George Hamilton IV would be an impertinence, given the amount of space available & the man`s achievements since recording his first hit “A Rose & a Baby Ruth” in 1956. Since those early days, George has gone on to straddle not only the globe with his stage & TV appearances but also musical genres such as “Country” “Pop” “Folk” & “Ballad” - all marketing pigeon holes devised by people who can only think in terms prepared by others. Suffice to say Corban Recordings is honoured & priviliged to have this son of America paying tribute to the music of his Scottish forebears on our catalogue.